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Be Active!


Andy Active teaches children to Be Active by moving around and making their hearts beat faster.


What does it mean?

  • It’s important to be active every day!
  • recommends 60 minutes of physical activity and play-time for young children per day. You can find more information target=”_blank”>here.
  • It is recommended that adults be physically active at least 150 minutes per week. Learn more here.


Why is it important?

  • Children and adults benefit when they have a strong heart and strong muscles and bones.
  • Current research shows that children who are overweight or obese are 5 times more likely to be overweight or obese as an adult, which can lead to an increase in illness and poorer quality of life. You can learn more here.


How Can I Do It?

  • To maintain a healthy weight, you must balance food intake (Energy In) with burning calories (Energy Out).
  • Make a commitment to participate in physical activity daily. Visit your doctor before you begin any physical activity routine.
  • Find ways to be active both indoors and outdoors. You can learn more here.
  • Keep a physical activity diary. Review resources from the American Heart Association here.
  • Reducing screen time for young children is a good way to promote movement.